About Lanty

lanty-s Hello! My name is Lanty, I'm a freelance writer, PR and social media creator, graduated from journalism studies at University of Sheffield. Oh yeh, I'm also some what of a photography fanatic.

I believe there's a strong connection between me and the media. Ever since the early age of 10 years old I was performing on stage and singing with big-name stars back where I was born China. I was also a regular visitor of Hunan TV, the most watched channel in China, until I decided to step "behind the scenes" to study journalism at University of Sheffield.

Spending three years at one of the top journalism departments in Britain helped me discover more about media and the creative industry. The 'city of steel' also provided me with chances to put my skills into practice. My first ever magazine piece about Chinese restaurants was printed as a full page spread page in S1 Magazine. I guess everyone loves a bit of Chinese food! Since then, I have contributed to various publications and am currently applying my trade as a picture editer at Liberty Belle Sheffield.

In 2013 I began to explore what I always guessed would be my career path, PR and social media (well I decided upon the social media part a little later in life). I was offered the chance to work with Sheffield-based social enterprise Youth Can Achieve to create the first Children's Day in the UK. In order to create a strong identity brand for the project, I decided that everything needed to be built from the ground up, including designing the logo, coding the website, writing and sending out press releases, managing social media pages and also taking photos at the conference. The project had some high-profile backers such as NSPCC, UNICEF and Sheffield City Council. It showed up in both the print and online version of The Star and also attracted over 800 Twitter followers in less than two weeks.

As for broadcast and video productions, I've been working alongside One Wedding to produce innovative wedding videos for couples around the world. Yes, World! Also my final university project in broadcast journalism, in which I produced two documentary style videos telling the stories of Sheffield bouncers and female boxers, were shortlisted for both The Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC Awards) and Royal Television Society (RTS Awards) in 2014.

I'm also the best-known nightlife photographer in the city. You can always find me either snapping gurning faces on the dance floor or shooting famous DJs behind the decks.

So, if you're interested in working with me or offering me a job in creative industry, please contact me at studio@lantyzhang.com. Don't forget to check out my LinkedIn and CV as well. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks :)