Ben Pearce at Fez Club 21/02/14

Yes. trust your eyes. We had to hold an UMBRELLA next to Ben Pearce when he was spinning some killer tunes!

Apparently Fez Club is now famous for its name of "sweat club". The dripping ceiling has not only nearly ruined my flash last time when I was photographing Heidi and Tom Demac for De:bug, I also got Heidi commenting on a photo of us after she finished her set:“sweatfest....literally dripping.” Can't complain about that.

But Ben Pearce has definitely took "sweartfest" to the next level. After the boys tried to stop the "rain" with half dozen rolls of tissue and fail to protect those delicate Pioneer gears,  they  decided to put this umbrella up next to Ben and it became a proper Ben Pearce B2B Steve Lynam there.

Fez Club, you need to start recruiting a umbrella holder behind the deck and I'm sure there will be thousands of people doing whatever they can to get this job for next autumn!

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