Boxfresh pres. Toddla T x The Tuesday Club: It’s a Sheffield Thing!

It's a Sheffield Thing! I was over the moon when Tuesday Club contacted me for this great chance. Two years ago I was the girl waited outside Octagon Centre for an hour just to see Toddla T performing at Tramlines. Now I've met him in person, shook his hand and even accidentally seen him getting changed in to his new Hendersons Relish top behind the decks! Oops.

Just a little funny story here: because I was shooting for Boxfresh this time, they tended to avoid other brands showing in the pictures. But there were so many wicked shots of people dancing, shouting, raving... with their logos on their tops (even Shy FX had a massive one on his shoulder!) So I  edited out every single logo on their clothes and hats with Photoshop so they could be uploaded to the official Boxfresh site.

If you noticed that your beloved brandy items being changed slightly because of that, you can still head to Tuesday Club's Facebook page for the completed version of your outfit :)

Hope these pictures remind you the awesome time at Tuesday Club, WHAT A NIGHT!

"We came, we conquered. Sheffield, thanks for having us.
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