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Tim Arnold – Live at The Isle of Wight Festival 2017 – “What Love Would Want”

“What Love Would Want’” Written and performed by Tim Arnold
Featuring The Camerata Chamber Choir and Amnesty International Human Rights Campaigner, Shane Enright #LoveIsAHumanRight
Recorded and mixed by Tom Newman
Hard Rock Stage, IOWFest 2017

Video Directed by Lanty Zhang and Tristan Keyte for Event Media
Project Manager - Nim Arnold | TA Media
Powered by Musiconomi, and a very special thanks to John and Caroline Giddings

Mint Festival 2016

I was invited by Mint Festival this year to team up with Justin Gardener and Elliot Young to become one of their official photographers at the Mint festival.

Artists including - Jamie Jones, Craig David TS5, Dannic, Skream, Toddla T, Ms Dynamite, Third Party, Kerri Chandler, Christoph, Hot Since 82, Ummet Ozcan, Patric Topping, D.O.D, Joshua Roberts, Reload, Lukas, Annie Errez, Jay Drop, Molise and many more.

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JAUZ: You Can Fill A Semi-Truck With My New Music

14068606_10210504817802123_641167850504152258_o Choosing between the 8 different stages at this year's Creamfields was damn near impossible. With an incredible line-up featuring some of the globe’s top DJs including Calvin Harris, Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike we just had to see them all.

Saturday midnight, moments after watching Avicii's last ever UK set, we literally sprinted 10 minutes from the main Horizon Stage to the brand new Steel Yard, to talk to the upcoming American DJ JAUZ, who celebrated his 23-year-old birthday just a weeks ago.


Lanty: First thing, can you please tell me what’s the correct way to say your name? I’ve heard so many different versions and would like to know the official answer!
JAUZ: J-AU-Z, as the film Jaws, the shark. I got to called all different kind of names in different countries, some pretty funny ones as well, haha.


Lanty: Are you looking forward to play at Creamfields on the brand new Steelyard stage?
JAUZ: It’s gonna be epic. I mean the UK is one of my favourite places to play ever 'cos this is where I got all my influence for myself. UK Garage, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, that’s what I grow up and listening to. Everyone was listening to music in America and I was listening to all these guys in the UK that no one else had any idea who they were. So now I got to be here and play that kind of music to a crowd that understands it, it’s so cool for me. Also, I’m brought here because I’m an American, and I do my thing, like an American would, so I can’t just pretend to be a UK DJ. People come to see me because they want to see me, not some guy from UK music. So I do like a mix, of all of it.

Lanty: So you see yourself different from the UK DJs here?
Yes definitely, but more the same than other American DJs, I’m definitely closer to where the UK guys are than a lot of the other American guys who come over here, I think.


Lanty: I know you're heading over to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore for some shows. You’re huge there at the moment! Have you got anything special planned for that?
JAUZ: Every time I played in Asia the crowd is just like SO incredible. I keep losing my mind. It’s one of these places like I can do my thing. You know, just really play what I wanna play and the crowd just react to everything. So I’m really excited!

Lanty: Are we expecting anything new from you soon?
Yeh I have a lot a lot a lot of new music coming up, it’s just about right now figuring out when and where to put out all the music. I’ve just been piling all this music together, you can fill a semi truck with all this music, I’m definitely gonna be putting out lots of new stuff.

Lanty: What plays the most important part in your music?
JAUZ: That’s really a good question. I guess the element of surprise. I keep trying to make sure that people don’t really know where I’m going with my music in any giving time. One day I put out a House song, the next day I put out something else. I try to switch up everything so people are always like “oh I wasn’t expecting him to put out a song like that!” It’s also about challenging myself. Cos if I keep making one kind of music over and over again, I get bored. If I’m not having fun of what I’m doing why do it?! So it’s not about the money for me, it’s about I love music.

Lanty: Having fun and enjoying the life!
JAUZ: That’s it. Exactly!

14237606_1755202611364153_3519748593222093000_n If you go on JAUZ's Facebook page, you can find it says on the genre description: Music has no boundaries. Just like what he said to us, during his 2-hour set, he kept dropping tracks you'd never expect him to play. Jumping from Dubstep to Drum & Bass, followed by classic UK Garage. Then he opened his arms and gave the crowd a massive "air hug".

When it was time for Jack U to take over the stage, I gave him the "oh I wasn’t expecting him to put out a song like that" look. He laughed, and gave me the V Sign just like he did when we first met.

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Words: Lanty Zhang
Pictures: Creamfields Official Website // Lanty Zhang Studio // JAUZ Official Facebook Page
Chinese version on Reyin App: JAUZ:我的新音乐要用一辆重型卡车才能装得完!

Creamfields 2016

Here are the highlights of my Creamfields 2016 experience.

If you speak Chinese, you can also read the super fun behind the scenes fun post here on Reyin App. Selfies with artists, gossips and chit chats.

More close up photos to be confirmed with DJ and managers full blog post coming soon!

Enjoy :)

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Shooting gigs and festivals around the world was and is always my dream job (I literally dream about capturing artists on stage!). Having the trust from the artists and organisers to shoot their concerts and events is an awesome feeling. During that time I have been able to experience many wonderful moments, not just on the stage but with the people I have met along the way.

To remember all the best moments I had as a music photographer, I started my #GigCapture series on Twitter, posting one photo from a gig everyday. Below is a selection of photos from the most recent music events I have shot. Some of them are local music events based in England, such as Fez Presents, O2 Academy, The Tuesday Club, Hope Works and Ahora; some of them are captured at the most crazy music festivals like Creamfields, Isle of Wight Festival, Global Gathering, iTunes Festival, Mint Festival, Cocoon in The Park, Beach Break Live.. Artist clients including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, MATTN and more. For me, all these little moments mean everything.

I believe my portfolio is very important to myself and I always try my best to photograph every event to the absolute best of my ability. I constantly look for new angles and build my collection of images. I never just go through the motions, or photograph every event the same. I want everything I photograph to be honest and raw, creating photos that best reflect the atmosphere and what music brings to the crowd.

The style of my photography is very much documentary and photojournalistic. As mentioned previously, I try to capture those inbetween moments that show what the DJs, artists, crowd and party are all about.

If you want to see some more of my images or find out more upcoming music events happening in the UK, you can send me a message via our contact page. No matter the size of your party, the destination of your event or however unique it is, I want to be involved in your night.

Music photographer UK, Lanty Zhang.

  075-CalvinHarris 171118-jigsaw-DVLM-lanty-044 Creamfields-lanty-hardwell-small-01 171118-jigsaw-DVLM-lanty-015 Creamfields-lanty-hardwell-small-05 Creamfields-lanty-hardwell-small-13 171119-jigsaw-004 171119-jigsaw-006 steelyard-axwellingrosso-small-03 Creamfields-lanty-small-09 Creamfields-lanty-small-10 Creamfields-lanty-hardwell-small-26 steelyard-axwellingrosso-small-01 Creamfields-lanty-small-01 Creamfields-lanty-small-02 Creamfields-lanty-small-03 Creamfields-lanty-small-04 Creamfields-lanty-small-05 steelyard-axwellingrosso-small-02 Creamfields-lanty-small-06 Creamfields-lanty-small-07 076-Wilkinson 077-DonDiablo 078-NickyRomero 079-W&W 082-Armin 080-Hardwell 081-Avicii 082-AndyC Creamfields-lanty-small-08 083-Nervo 084-AboveandBeyond 085-DVBBS 086-Heidi 087-DVLM 088-JackU 089-JAUZ 090-DukeDumont 0827-JackU-Lanty-03 091-Lucas&Steve 001-example 002-tinietempah 003-bicepjimmy 004-skrillex 005-breach 006-labrinth 007-Djebali 008-knifeparty 009-dynazty 010-alunageorge 011-benhoward 012-blawan 013-willsaul 014-Desluwevos 015-phaeleh 016-alixperez 017-highcontrast 018-mikemago 019-djfresh 020-wubai 021-benga 022-flashmob 023-rayfox 024-jackopus 025-youandewan 026-heidi 027-ThemartinezBros 028-paulheaton 029-JamesZebiela 030-route94 032-kaliafong 033-Willsaul 034-ToddlaT 035-ShyFX BNW 039-TWilliams 040-benpearce 041-dusky 042-AlunaGeorge 043-Huxley 044-hotsince82 045-animeedgeanddance 046-clouded judgement 047-danshake 049-mop 050-finnesbassen051-skream052-route94Hospitality at Global Gatheirng Basement Jaxx at Tramlines Loadstar at Tramlines Tonn Piper at Tramlines Fred V and Grafix at Tramlines Camo and Krooked at Tramlines K klass Sydney Charles at Fez MOP at Tuesday Club Hospitality backstage at Tuesday Club Years and Years at O2 Academy Sheffield Of Monsters and Men at O2 Academy Sheffield Hot 8 Brass Band at O2 Academy Sheffield Greem Velvet at Muzik Gyptian at O2 Academy Sheffield Gentlemen's Dub Club at O2 Academy Sheffield Ella Henderson at O2 Academy Sheffield Nina Kraviz at Hope Works Hot Since 82 at Muzik Yard Birds at O2 Academy Sheffield Hozier at O2 Academy Sheffield